Noise in the wires
For the most part it's because my mind is an echo chamber. I get trapped in myself very easily. I don't externalize my thoughts very often, so they tend to be stuck in my head for days and days, paralyzing me. A simple example would be an even from 3 days ago - i embarrassed myself quite strongly and it sapped motivation and energy to do anything for quite a while. I just couldn't focus my mind on other things. Things like that happen way too often and in way too many cases (sometimes in positive, more often in negative), and I don't really have anyone I can reliably talk with about my life. So I'll just post things here because I know for sure that I can trust internet to not give much fucks and chew through it.

Алсо, заранее извиняюсь за злоупотребление английским. Так уж получилось, что в силу моего специфического образа жизни, я говорю и думаю на английском. And yes, I do know my english is not amazing.

В дальнешем мои посты могут представлять из себя мутированую смесь из двух языков.

Also there's a copy of this blog on a different resource. Just because. I'm sort of hoping to make a few new contacts out of it, maybe.