Noise in the wires
I rarely dream about anything, or at least rarely remember if i had any dreams.
These last few days however I've spent living on an unnatural cycle of staying awake for 30+ hours and then sleeping for another 15+. I enjoy mild sleep deprivation for a number a things, but primary because oblivion at the end of the day becomes so much more sweet.
Dreams i get during that sort of sleep cycle are vivid, intense and hard to wake up from. And I just sleep and sleep and sleep. Even nightmares become delicious in their own right.

But even before the oblivion there are some fairly enjoyable moments. At the end of the day, when consciousness fades, mind slowly starts to drift away and I lose focus, music becomes nearly physical. It resonates through me and I can really feel it. It's a great state to listen to things.
So have some music, diary:
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