Noise in the wires
I happen to be a shut-in. As in, I spend most of my time within confines of my own room. I don't go out, I have no reason to go out, I don't have any friends in a real world. There's a bunch of reasons for that, but things just turned out that way.
Nowdays I find communicating people in real world and, hell, just being outside rather stressful and, in many ways, completely foreign process.
Overall uneventfulness of such life style makes it sort of hard to update this diary without devolving into completely tripe posts. (not that they weren't already tripe, but more tripe is a no no.)
I could write more about the things i watch/read/listen to but I sort of don't want to turn it into a diary just about that.
I guess I'll take this whole thing slow and at my own pace.