Noise in the wires
I suppose I'm sort of pretentious. I like to sound fancy (given my personal definition of fanciness that's probably not in tune with reality)
Self-important. Egocentric. Whatever. I know I make a big fat deal deal about pointless things and minor happenings.
Well. It's just so happens that the time around here moves at a snail's pace and any minor thing is a big deal.

Demotivation has been reaching brand new levels. Can't even bother talking to people I really like nowdays. Just look at them and give up after a bit. They'll write to me if they need me at sooner or later. I've got my poisons to waste my time while I wait.
There's a fault in that logic though. Some (well, just one person, really) are just too busy and we don't really have that many intersecting vectors of communication. So i have to rely on them (one person) remembering about me, because there's fuck all I can think about when it comes to starting a conversation and most of the time it just gets ignored anyways. And therein lies the problem: said person used to talk to me every two weeks. Reliable. Like a clockwork. But it's been 3 weeks and naffing, nada, nix. I guess we are drifting apart slowly, like it happened with other people before. This is sort of frustrating. Please do remember about me soon! I'll be happy.
Sometimes I'll use this diary to leave messages to people who won't read them.

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